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The Wagon Tongue Members to Members Newsletter

September 2014 P.O.B. 526, Florissant, CO 80816; (719) 748-6003

Greetings from Wagon Tongue!

Well, I don’t have to tell you what September means up here, it’s the most beautiful month of the year! So much so that tons of people flock to Colorado each year to see the aspens turning gold, orange and red. The colors change daily! Few even living here know how Colorado got its name. Colorado means, “colorful land” and it’s not just because of the changing colors of the aspens and other growth, there’s also the sunrises and sunsets each day year round! The clouds play no small part either. They are a part of the show. Many have said the sunrises are the best in the Winter and sunsets in the Summer. But after living in the high country all these years, I’d have to say there is no real pattern to this. Sometimes it’s just the opposite and sometimes it’s quite equal.

I find it interesting that every state has its own motto but only Colorado has anything to do with God. The Colorado State motto is: Nothing Without God. 

A Wagon Tongue Proverb

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish at Wagon Tongue and his wife may not see him again on weekends or weekdays until well after dark.

Free Boat Use!

Well, I got my peddle boat going again! At least for now until someone breaks it again. Hopefully, this won’t happen again but if it does and you are the one responsible, then just fix it. And if you can’t, just be honest and call me about the situation. I’m from the old school that says if you borrow something; just bring it back in a little better shape than when you borrowed it. If it has water in it, just bail it out. This is better than tipping it over because this could damage the rudder and steering mechanisms.

I still have 4 other boats available for all members to use, a john boat, a canoe (with two new paddles) and two bright yellow kayaks also with paddles. Take advantage of using these this month because next month as it gets colder I’ll be pulling some of these boats out of the lake for winter storage.

No More Than One Boat per Owner Allowed at the Lake?

This has never been any kind of a rule. (YET) But since I have offered my boats for free use for members without bringing this before (the board) they might try to come up with a new rule in the future.

If this ever does come up, know (the board) is abusing their power. There’s plenty of room around our large lake for our boats as long as you don’t mind not locking them up on one of the racks provided. If you do have a boat not being used, it would be good if you could just store it on your property. Thanks!

Remote Control Fishing Boats?

Yes, they’ve been around for over 25 years and they’re legal to use in all 50 states including Colorado. The one I have (which I’ve also used to chase pelicans away) was under $100.00, almost 3 feet long and can be used two ways. It comes with an extension off the back where you can attach your fishing line, (however long you wish) then just run it out to wherever you want it. It goes out much further than you can cast! Then you just wait. If there’s no action there, just move it again. I attach a small fishing bell to the end of the extension so I don’t need to watch it all the time. The other way is to simply attach the line from your pole with a small piece of Velcro which comes with the boat. Then simply run the boat to wherever you wish. You can go all the way to the other side of the lake! Then just pull on your poll separating your line from the boat and Velcro and start reeling in if you is using a lure. It’s a good idea to run your boat back first so it’s ready to run out again once you’ve reeling back in your line with lure. Remote control fishing boats do not normally have a reverse because your line could get caught up in the propellers. Some have variable speeds to use for trolling but the one I have has just one speed. FAST! This is so when the fish hits your line, you hit the throttle just as if you were yanking up your pole for the snag. Fishing boats are all electric and not gas to they’re quiet to not disturb others nor pollute the lake. For further information you can go to www.RcFishingWorld.com or call Fish Fun at: 1-734-502-8796. And get this! If you film this boat catching a fish, make a YouTube and post it on line and send it to the company, they will send you another RC fishing boat for free!

No Quad Copters (Drones) Allowed? Really?

Quad copters are often times also referred to as drones but a drone has a camera whereas a quadcopter does not. Either way, I’m not talking about the drones Obama has been using to spy on the American people, just the home hobbyist. For many years now since I retired from flying my hang glider, I’ve enjoyed remote control flying toys. Since the quadcopters have come on the scene, I’ve enjoyed them too. Including the ones with cameras which have been used in film making for years now. Have you ever been watching a nature film where the camera seems to fly through the trees and capture film never been done before? And you wonder how they did this? These are all done with quadcopter drones. Last Winter I took up this hobby thinking this might be a good tool to chase away the pelicans eating our fish without using a shotgun. Well, this Spring and Summer, this worked out just great! So then this happened. As I was playing with a small quadcopter in my driveway, Terry Brunette with his wife Mary came driving up and stopped. I landed my mini quadcopter and talked to Terry about the new great way to be able to use these quadcopter/drones to chase the pelicans away. He said to me what sounded like “you can’t have drones up here”. Thinking I must have misheard him, I came closer to his window and said what? He then said quite clear to me, “you can’t have a drone here”. He was totally serious. No smile on his face. In disbelief, all I could say back was, “yes ya can”. He said nothing but just drove off. Ya know, I have no clue why certain members of (the board) have such a vendetta (bitter hostility) against me. Everyone who knows me up here knows all I have ever done up here is to try to make this a better place. This is a recreational club and RC toys are just another recreation we can all do.

No Security Cameras Allowed? Not Even a Fake One?

Over a year ago, because I still had no help with Lake Patrol, I decided to place a small fake camera on the pump house I purchased myself as a deterrent to help keep the trespassers from poaching our fish. It worked great! Trespassing and poaching went down! But then came the day when our Secretary Terry Brunette learned I did this. Terry marched over to me pointing back to the fake security camera shouting at me, “Did you put up this camera?” Of course, I said yes. He then went on saying, “You can’t do this without bringing it before (the board) first!” I went on to explain it’s just a fake camera as a deterrent to help keep the trespassers from poaching our fish. He then quite angrily told me, “It doesn’t matter! You have to bring something like this before (The Board) first!” I bring this up for a reason.  Why not a security camera? A real one. Or two. Perhaps one at each lake. A real time lake cam. This way, anyone of us could go on line at any time and see what’s going on at the lakes. We already have a website which I started  (after the board) poopood the idea again. These cameras have gotten much less expensive in recent years. Used to be over $1000.00 for one camera but recently I’ve seen on line a set of 4 video cameras with monitor for under $250.00. This way, we could attach small signs to our existing signs stating (lakes monitored by video 24-7) Just the signs alone would help keep the poachers away! We’re not living in Dodge City in the 1870’s any more where Matt Dillon just tells the bad guy to GET OUT OF DODGE! This is 2014 and we need to step things up a bit! This would also bring our property values up too!

Solar Ovens Work Great!

soYou don’t need to wait until our power goes out, these are great to use all the time! A friend of mine talked me into getting one of these years ago. It arrived in January when it was bitter cold and snow on my deck but I wanted to try it anyway so I pointed it toward the Sun and stuck in a frozen lasagna. It started out like a brick of ice! I came back in my cabin for an hour, went out to check on it and it was already done! I’ve cooked all kinds of stuff in this thing. I’ve even baked bread! The foods seem to taste better too because they cook a little slower plus it doesn’t cost anything to operate. And if you forget you’re cooking outside and leave it for a couple hours, no worries, food just doesn’t burn! You can purchase these from several venders but this one seems to have the best price I’ve found. ($261.15): 866-786-7763. It’s called The Sun Solar Oven.

A Boardwalk to the Lake?

At the general membership meeting, I noticed two neighbors of mine struggling with their walkers to get to and from this meeting. It’s so dangerous for them and other elderly folks to get around due to rocks and loose gravel. Can’t anything be done about this? One club member, Dave, suggested a boardwalk. These can be easily constructed and quite inexpensive. Meanwhile, can’t we at least carve out a safer walking path? Say about 4 feet wide, level and in a switchback manner where it’s too steep? We have no more work days this year but who says it has to be on a work day?  The Board? Seems everything takes so long do get done up here. Something like this should have been done years ago.

Does Everything Really Have to Pass (The Board) First? Earlier this year as I was doing Lake Patrol there was a couple who had been sitting on a bench fishing on the south side of the big lake. By the time I rode over there, they had finished fishing and were measuring the bench. The bench had gotten old, a board was missing and nails were sticking out in several places. When I asked why are you measuring the bench, they told me they were just going to upgrade it with new wood and screws. The next day I came back and found the bench looking brand new!

No, some things just don’t need to go before (The Board) first. I hear so many stories out there where someone brings up an important issue to (the board), they say they’ll look into it or they’ll bring it up, 3-4 months go by and nothing has happened. And this has been going on for years! During the General Membership meeting, Bob Cimino who’s wife Bobbie who is one of those in need of using a walker asked me if it might be possible to have the paths made better for safety reasons. Secretary Terry Brunette of (the board) was standing a few feet away so I pointed to him telling Bob, there’s the man to talk to. So he did and I heard Terry tell bob that he would bring it up. That was on July 12th. Let’s see how long that one takes! Then there was this nice lady who was willing to pay for and have a professionally made sign put up at our entrance with the name; Wagon Tongue Recreational Club. Did this ever happen? No! Why? Terry told me it was because it would be on National Forest land. Then why is there already a sign there but too small to read? People can’t even find us including emergency vehicles! For years and years even the street sign Branding Iron had been turned so people on County Rd. 98 thought they were already on Branding Iron! Why the confusion? Why the lack of safety? Even the street signs within Wagon Tongue have been printed on one side only! Really? (The Board) said they would look into it. I waited a couple years then finally picked up a few letters at the hardware store and put them up on my street sign. What if an ambulance needed to get to your place but couldn’t find your street name!

What About All Those Trailers in Wagon Tongue?

I got a call from one club member asking me about all those illegal camping trailers parked year round in Wagon Tongue. I told him to call our President Lester Williams (719) 590-8817 and call me back to let me know what he says. He did and called me back telling me Lester told him he would look into it. Look into it? Really? They’ve been saying they would look into it since before I moved up here over 11 years ago!

What Brings Our Property Values Up?

Making this a better place, better club and with a better Board of Directors.

What Brings Our Property Values Down?

Doing nothing.

The Gap Between (The Board) & the Club

For a long time now I’ve seen this huge gap between some of the members of the board and members of the club getting bigger and bigger. I believed a large part of the problem was a lack of communication. You might remember a few Wagon Tongue newsletters ago I tried to bridge this gap by saying many good things concerning the Board of Directors. This was one time my Lake Patrol Report wasn’t edited. Before and after then, it was. My attempt in that writing was futile. So attempting again, I sat down with Board Directors Terry Brunette and Keith Paris. The meeting was not arranged, I just found the two at the pavilion as I was doing Lake Patrol. I tried to explain to them the gap that had been created over these many years in hopes this gap could be closed. I did bring up the lack of communication as well as the corruption from within concerning a vote at Terry’s house by the Board to start giving out membership and guest badges to their friends and how unethical this was. Especially since this was never mentioned in the official Wagon Tongue newsletter or changes made in the bylaws. I also shared with them how so many of the members of the club have come to look at the Board as the elite. This was when Keith Paris jumped up and started shouting at me. I apologized for using the word elite but it was not my word, just one word I’ve heard from Members of the Club. I’ve heard other words as the Gestapo board, the Nazi Board and other words I will not repeat in this newsletter. I’m afraid the problem remains the same. A huge gap between (the Board) and the Club. And as far as communications go, Keith Paris, after receiving last month’s Members to Members newsletter, wrote upon it, “Return to Sender” “Not at this address.” It was underlined and sent back to me! The address was correct! I had just sat down with these guys talking to them of the importance of communications! “Reprove not a scorner lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man and he will love thee” “Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser: Teach a just man and he will increase in learning.” (Proverbs 9:8-9)

A Brief History of Wagon Tongue

Originally it was part of the Lone Chimney Ranch, it was sold in 1959 to a California land development company. They constructed the large lake and began to sell commercial business sites around the lake. Before any homesites were developed the company went into bankruptcy. In the early 60’s a local realtor, Al Plamman, purchased it form the bankruptcy court and redeveloped it into “Wagon Tongue.” According to his newspaper advertisement it was a weekend cabin and equestrian sites. The streets all have “horse” names. He sold lots and promoted horseback riding and fishing in the area. The Wagon Tongue Recreational Club was formed in the 70’s to collect dues to keep the lake maintained and stocked. The Club incorporated in the early 80’s and under its first president, pursued the acquisition of water rights to keep the lakes from being emptied by “water calls.” In 1984 the club constructed the small lake by building a dam and flooding some of the already sold lot and the county road that runs underneath it. It took several years for it to fill up. In 2007 the Club acquired ownership of the acres of land surrounding Plamman Lake and shortly thereafter constructed the pavilion.

Lake Patrol Believe it or not, I’m still the only one doing lake patrol up here but we need someone for the morning hours. I can continue doing afternoons and night. Contact me.

Preppers? What’s a Prepper?

A prepper is simply someone who prepares for things to come. Boy scouts have always been preppers. I was one and our motto has always been “Be Prepared!” The Ebola Virus is something we’re hearing much about these days and we’ve been told it kills most and there is no cure. This is a lie!

You can do a simple Google search using the words Ebola and Colloidal Silver and tons of pages come up on  the topic. Did you know that Colloidal Silver kills all viruses and infections? According to the U.C.L.A Medical Dept. Colloidal Silver killed every virus tested in their lab. Over 650 of them! Available in most health food stores but  quite expensive. Or you can make your own at home for pennies per gallon! So simple a child can do this! For over 25 years we’ve been making basic Colloidal Silver generators available at our cost. You can find some others on line but they usually start at around $100.00 and go up to over $300 which is ridiculous! This ministry has been getting these out at our cost of only $44.00 and that includes shipping! Comes with everything you need including instructions and a free DVD “Suppressed Medical Advancements”. To see a short you tube on this you can go to www.wagontongue.com

The Harbinger

This is the name of the Best Seller book by Jonathan Cahn which has now been made into a DVD. Here’s a few words from Jonathan and a look at where this nation is heading fast. “Before God judges a nation, He sends warning,” explains Cahn. “He sent warning to ancient Israel. He even allowed its enemies to breach its borders in a devastating strike that would traumatize the nation. It was a wake-up call, the call to return to God. But the nation responded with defiance. God then gave 9 Harbingers of judgment, 9 prophetic signs, alarms and foreshadows of what was to come. Now America is the nation in rapid departure from God’s will. And God likewise allowed an enemy to breach its borders in a devastating strike – the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It was, likewise, a wake-up call. But America, like Israel, has not responded with repentance, but with defiance. And now the 9 Harbingers of judgment have reappeared and have done so on American soil.” Cahn says America is uncannily re-enacting ancient Israel’s behavior prior to its judgment and eventual fall.

You know the moment of truth is almost here and you know the American way of life is about to change forever. When you understand what’s happening, where we are in the cycle, you can predict where it’s going to go and adapt and survive easier. Every collapse of a society follows a distinct pattern in which there are 3 stages to every collapse. History has taught us that these signs you must look out for:

Stage 1: Slippery Slope – the one that is happening right now

This begins with the illusion of normalcy and slowly shifting circumstances. Many people are unable to see and react to significant change that occurs gradually. The decline that leads to a fall can be seen in every aspect of society form its culture and its economy (inflation, unemployment, a dwindling middle class) to the failure of its civil institutions(government shutdowns, a deadlocked Senate and House of Representatives). The relatively small set of minor events will lead to a chain reaction of related events culminating in some significant effect (SHTF).

Recent example: Sub-prime defaults leading to Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008… the true crisis should have hit much harder back then but by stealing our money with bailouts the FED has have postponed it…

Stage 2: The moment TSHTF –what’s just around the corner 

The collapse occurs suddenly after a long term ‘slippery slope’. Many people never know what hit them as the  wake up poor, desperate, angry and helpless (like in Greece in 2009, Cyprus in 2011) During collapse, and for a time, there is no centralized power or authority…people have many more personal freedoms with a slackening of social rules, although what’s left of society as a whole is in chaos. Riots breakout, crime skyrockets… (like in the Ukraine in 2013).

It will take a little time for the government to try to reassert control one way or another… this is how the 3rd stage begins

Stage 3: Lock Down- the endgame

Lockdown – a state of containment imposed to prevent people or information from escaping. It is ordered by  someone in command and implemented by force. This is martial law…you have been hearing more and more on it. It means curfews, the suspension of civil law and civil rights… Obama has been working steadily and stealthily to undermine our rights granted by the Constitution… This final stage can be the most dangerous in that it will encompass a time of either total compliance or civil war, or a mixture of both… For a short taste of what’s to come, here’s what a street in St. Louis, Missouri looked like on the 13th of August 2014:

Riot police stand guard as demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

If you would like a free copy of the DVD The Harbinger, just give me a call and I’ll send you a copy. 719 748-6003

Other Things You Should Prepare For?

Because of my radio broadcast, I network with many in the know concerning things you’ll never hear from the mainstream news. In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is in major turmoil. This includes the United States. There are real threats to America. Not only from terrorists but also from the corruption within. It is more than obvious we are in for a financial collapse simply because of the fiat empire that has been created. Paper money not worth the paper it’s printed on. There’s also the real possibility of an EMP attack. (Electro Magnetic Pulse) which would take out our power grid coast to coast for an undetermined period of time. Without power there’s no water, no gas, no transporting of foods or anything else. Banks and stores would close. All communications would be gone. We would go into an immediate police state and marshal law. Panic would take place within hours. Within days people would become hungry, thirsty and desperate. Some would think nothing of killing you over a can of beans or drinkable water.

 Above all, if you have not yet been personally born-again, Saved through Jesus Christ personally, go to Him personally, confess your sins personally to Him and ask Him to forgive your sins personally and that He make you to be born-again. Going to church or anything else religious won’t make you a born-again Christian any more than going to McDonald’s will make you a hamburger! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled fast. Time may be short! In case you want to know what will be taking place, there will be a one world government or New World Order. Take a look at the backside of your dollar bill and you’ll find the words in Latin, “ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” or “announcing the new secular world order.” There will also be a one world monetary system as we plunge into a worldwide financial collapse. Also, believe it or not, a one world religion. A universal religion. The word Catholic means universal. The stage is set! But all these things take place during what’s called The Great Tribulation period which takes place 7 years before the second coming of Jesus Christ. The anti-christ comes first deceiving many. But what takes place just before this 7 year tribulation period is awesome! It’s known to Christians as our blessed hope or the catching up or (rapture) of all true born-again believers. (1st. Thess. Chapter 4.) We don’t know the day or hour of this event but it does look like it’s soon!

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Ending Note…

Well, I think I’ve covered everything that needs to be over the last 3 newsletters so I don’t know if there’s a need for another one next month. We’ll see. If you would like a copy of the bylaws, email me and I’ll email you a copy back. Jim Zilonka at: Cultbuster7@yahoo.com