Jun 30

Member Responsibilities and Fishing Rules


Member’s Responsibilities and Fishing Rules

The Board of Directors, who shall prescribe the rules and regulations to be followed, shall regulate Fishing Privileges.

Said rules and regulations shall be consistent with the game laws of Colorado. The game laws of Colorado shall also apply to the activities of the Club and in the event there is a conflict between the rules prescribed by the Board of Directors and the game laws of Colorado, then the more restrictive provision shall apply and be enforced.

  • Adults shall not be allowed more than 4 fish per day and minor children (younger than 14 years of age) shall not be allowed more than 3 fish per day.
  • Each active member shall be allowed 5 guests or one guest 5 times per month for the 5 months of May, June, July, August, & September (Fishing Derby guests do not apply)
  • During the remaining 7 months, the active member will be allowed 5 fishing guests or 1 guest 5 times. This allows the active member to have 30 fishing guests or 1 guest 30 times each year.
  • A guest must be accompanied by a club member when fishing.
  • A member, spouse, and their dependents shall have all rights to use Club facilities.All others, whether residing with the member or not, fall under and will be governed by the guest policy.
  • Renters do not assume member fishing privileges.
  • Members and their dependents must wear a current Club fishing badge while fishing.
  • Authorized guest must wear a current guest badge.
  • Your membership card may be needed when transporting your fish to show no State Fishing License is needed.
  • No live minnows or any live species of fish shall be used as bait.
  • Chumming, gigging, or netting to catch fish is prohibited.
  • Fish may be taken by the conventional method, by angling with a rod and line, or a hand line with not more than 2 hooks.
  • A manufactured artificial lure shall be counted as 1 hook.
  • Treble hooks are not allowed for bait fishing.
  • Boat storage is permitted on the boat storage racks year-round as long as the member has their name on their boat.
  • Boats, including belly boats are not permitted on Wagon Tongue Lake (the small lake), except for maintenance purposes.
  • No gasoline motors are allowed in Plamann Lake.
  • Life jackets or other approved floating devices for each person will be in the boat while on the water.
  • Members are responsible for the actions of them-selves, family members and guests while fishing and boating.
  • It shall be the duty of each club member to be alert and observe others in the act of poaching by non-members or members who are violating Club fishing and boating rules and report such to the board President and/or board member indicating the violation, name, place, date and time of the offense.
  • Fishing at either lake is permitted between the hours of 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The following uses are prohibited at Wagon Tongue Recreation Club Lakes:

  • No wading and swimming in the lakes.-
  • No engaging in drunkenness or indecent exposure.
  • No camping at the lakes. –
  • No campfires. –
  • No fireworks of any kind. –
  • No shooting of any kind except Pelican Control ordinance by authorized personnel. –
  • No entering upon the ice-covered lakes with any vehicle. –
  • No operating of motorized vehicles of all types on any part of the dams and other unimproved areas except for maintenance purposes approved by the Board. The access roads to Plamann Lake are exempt. All vehicles must stay on established roads. –
  • No loose dogs…Dogs must be on leashes around the lakes.